g2 Children & Student Ministries

Our children and student ministries at GFC all fall under the banner of "g2", Generation Grace. Our approach to family ministries is designed to be seamless from the cradle through college - and isn't limited to the children and students. We believe firmly that the family unit is the primary place where kids develop a relationship with Jesus. Our job is to teach and equip families for that role, and supplement for them what is happening within their homes.

About g2

YOUR FAMILY’S SAFETY comes first. Every G2 volunteer passes a Federal Background Check and participates in ongoing training. We issue each family security tags and name badges for check-in, pick-up and paging. Finally, our GFC Security Team monitors all activity on our campus before, during and after each worship service.

First Time Guests are special and we want to love them well! Our Check-In Team personally greets guest families guiding them from our simple Family Card to each child’s Circle Leader for drop-off, then finally back to “Big Church” for adult fellowship and worship.  In advance of your first visit, please feel free to fill out our online form to shorten check-in time! 

Winning is the mission of G2. Every activity, environment, event and volunteer serves one purpose: Helping Families Win! A family wins as it pursues an authentic, transforming faith in Jesus. 

Our Environments are designed for developmentally appropriate safety, learning and fun!

The Clubhouse


Each Sunday In The Clubhouse we humbly acknowledge the blessing and opportunity to give preschoolers an “away from home” first impression of a loving God. More than great stories from the Bible and exciting songs, we are serious about helping parents develop a spiritual foundation in their children. To this end, every five year old will have grown up hearing, saying and understanding:




These simple, powerful truths permeate each moment of each thing that happens In The Clubhouse! These are each kidlet’s “first look” at an authentic, transforming faith in Jesus!

In The Clubhouse we have designed four unique rooms to meet cognitive, spiritual, emotional and social needs of infants and preschoolers.

Moms and infants can find the dimly lit Shalom Room to relax and share restful moments together. While feeding, diapering, napping or cuddling, moms listen to/watch volume controlled “Big Church” adult worship.

Next to the Shalom Room (An easy drop-off spot too!), parents will find the Nursery. This small, soft comforting space if filled with sensory toys, books, glider-rockers and developmental play. Tears seldom drip off cheeks as smiling giggles fill the air.  

Adult : Child target ratio is 1:2.

Energy and enthusiasm kicks up as toddlers begin walking and socializing. For this reason we’ve created the centerpiece In The Clubhouse. Walkers and talkers learn community skills like listening to directions, holding hands, sitting together and taking turns as they transition from Infant to Preschooler.

Adult : Child target ratio is 1:3.

The real excitement begins as two through five year olds kidlets join one of the small group animal circles In The Clubhouse! Through intentionally designed large and small group configurations, early foundations of worship, story, application, prayer and community are nurtured.

Adult : Child target ratio is 1:5.

252 KidStreet


As kiddos from Kindergarten through Fifth Grade arrive On 252 KidStreet they are ready to begin the process of asking: Who am I, Who is God and how do I fit into His Creation? On 252 KidStreet leaders in large group worship and story help kiddos ask these hard questions. Next, age similar kiddos gather with their Small Group Leaders to tackle these topics through Bible investigation, scripture memorization, games and discussion. Amazing connections and truths are revealed every Sunday. Then, during the week, with the support of the Parent Cue App, God Time Cards and the Small Group Leader on speed-dial, moms and dads lead their children in application and further discovery. An authentic, transforming faith in Jesus begins!

Jesus is the model for Christian life. That’s why On 252 KidStreet we use the only passage in the Bible about his growing-up:

And Jesus grew in wisdom,

and in stature, and in favor with God and man.

Luke 2:52

Using this passage as the “street map” for everything that happens On 252 KidStreet, we will see every fifth grader stepping into owning his/her faith with these three truths:


(The Bible contains God’s wisdom.)


(God made me, God loves me, Jesus wants to be my friend forever.)


(We are created in God’s image and therefore worthy of love.)

The Student Ministry of Grace Fellowship is designed to help Students understand more fully how to know, love and follow God in every aspect of life. Our Student Ministry meets on Sunday evenings at 6:30pm for the purpose of building deep relationships, enjoying fun games, hearing solid Biblical teaching and engaging in Small Groups led by loving adults.

We believe strongly that the primary discipleship of a Student takes place in the home where Christian parents guide them to a deeper love for Jesus. Our goal is to partner with Parents in that pursuit and equip them with training and resources to encourage discipleship to take place. We are a family driven ministry, so we love Parents to be heavily engaged in every aspect of ministry at GFC.
If you would like more information about volunteering with our Students or getting your family connected through the Student Ministry, please contact Joel Owen.

Student Ministries


Moses commanded, teach your kids to love God while they walk, sit, sleep and wake [ Deut. 6:1-9 ]. Yes, loving God must be at the core of it all, yet … always the questions … How? When?  g2 supports parents to accomplish this biblical responsibility. g2 leaders are praying, planning and acting on ways to help. From personal mentoring and parenting discussion groups to downloadable curriculum apps and weekly take-home guides, we will do everything possible to equip parents to win as disciple makers in their homes.