jterm: June 6-9, 2022

                  Jterm: “Salt & Light: A Cultural Conversation” will be June 6-9 (Monday - Thursday). Food trucks will begin serving at 6:15pm.  Teaching, youth, and kids’ ministry will begin at 7pm each night.  

This Jterm will help you make a clear, gracious defense of Christianity where you live, work or play. We will address how the church can engage cultural issues with biblical truth and love, not fear and withdrawal. We will cover issues of our day such as: 

  • Homosexuality
  • Slavery & race
  • Is there only one true faith?
  • Can you take the Bible literally?
  • Hasn’t science disproved Christianity?
  • Handling citizenry & government as a disciple of Jesus

For three nights, kids will learn about defending their faith and the fourth night will be fun and games!


 RSVP for kids ministry.