Our vision is to be a place where men feel safe to pray, study and share real life issues that will positively impact their relationship with Jesus. We place a high value on being relational to help make disciples.


What we hear from retired and semi-retired men at GFC: 

  1. I want to be used by God.
  2. I want to make this time of my life count.
  3. I want to impact people’s lives.

How do we do this? - A weekly Bible study for retired men.

                                            (Thursday mornings from 9:00 to 10:15)

What we hope to achieve:

  1. Grow by connecting with other men in the same stage of life.
  2. Grow in understanding of key biblical ideas on what being a part of God’s kingdom is about.
  3. Grow in awareness of God’s calling for us to be disciples of Jesus who make disciples of Jesus.

What we will do:

  1. Get to know each other and share our life stories, including successes and challenges we currently face.
  2. Look Back on the previous week to what God was teaching us and about how to follow Jesus. 
  3. Look together at the biblical theme of what it means to be equipped for a life of following Jesus.
  4. Look Ahead to what God would have us apply to our lives. 
  5. Encourage one another and pray for one another.
  6. Have fun!  

Contact: Dan Bensing at for more information or to sign up.