In 2017, Joel Owen, our Lead Pastor, challenged all of our congregation to go on a mission trip by 2020. As a part of this challenge, our Global Outreach Team began developing strategy to accomplish this mission.

Watch Our BOLD plan for 2018 video to see how we hope to begin accomplishing this goal this year.

There are many ways you can participate in mission life at GFC. You can be a:

  1. Go-er
  2. Pray-er
  3. Giver
  4. Encourager
  5. Welcomer

To GO is a challenge for many and sometimes intimidating. So what does it mean exactly to "GO" on a mission trip. For our church, GO means to...

"go on a mission that is outside your normal or immediate sphere of influence"

Being on mission takes us out of our comfort zone and into the unchartered waters of helping unreached people trust and follow Jesus.

Check out the Trips We Take opportunities on this website to see where God is possibly calling you to GO on mission.