welcome to grace…

Please be aware that our elder team has determined that in the best interest of safety for everyone, we will not be having services Sunday, February 22nd.  Stay in, stay safe, see you next week!


Your life was created for fellowship.

When God was knitting together the Universe, you were in His mind. From before the beginning, it has always been His plan to engage with you.  Always.

He wants to heal your wounds and your fears. He wants to empower the dreams that He has placed in your heart. He wants to train your soul toward eternal treasures that will never fade.

He wants to come close to you, and He wants to be known by you. God has made us for the community of Himself.

God has also made us for the community of the Church. That’s a surprising venue, if you think about it. Every church is made of broken people who are being rewrought by a healing God. This is the greenhouse humanity has been given — an imperfect fellowship made whole daily by a Father’s nourishment.

It’s a beautiful thing that God has made the church so needy. That causes us to depend upon His involvement. We need His active presence to help us encourage each other, to restore us in worship, and to unite us with a common mission: the bringing of light into dark places.

If He is not moving among us, we have no where to go. But He is moving. And we are grateful to be a part of something so wonderful.

If you are looking for a place to get to know God better, we would love to welcome you into our fellowship. Grace Fellowship is a place where God is remaking us all. Come journey with us.

The Vision of Grace Fellowship Church Kingsport

To reach the unchurched by releasing people who
 love Jesus passionately and others irresistibly