We believe that Jesus established the church to continue the ministry he began while he was here on earth. The believers in the early church knew they were supposed to make disciples who could make more disciples. They were intentional and relational in living out a process that could be followed by others.

Using the message and method of Jesus Christ, we follow His model to share, connect, equip to minister and release people to disciple others. We will follow Jesus’ method as we share Jesus’ message because God’s Kingdom is about multiplication. 

Here's some tips for people curious about or interesting in beginning a disciple making relationship:

What is a disciple?

We take our definition of a disciple from what Jesus shared in Matthew 4:19, "Follow me and I will make you fishers of men." A disciple is someone who is following Jesus, being changed by Jesus and is on the same mission of Jesus to make disciples.

What is disciple making?

Helping someone trust and follow Jesus.

Who do I disciple?

One simple way to think about who to disciple is to pray and look for someone who is Faithful, Available, Teachable , Reliable and Interested. You can also talk with other leaders in the church who are in discipling relationships and get their input. Here's a couple of articles with helpful suggestions as well.

How do I disciple someone?

There's a lot to consider here and every discipling relationship is unique, but the following are some ideas, principles and best practices to consider in any discipling relationship.

How do I disciple men?

How do I disciple women?

How do I disciple my kids?

How do I disciple at work?

Should I disciple one on one or with a small number of people?

If you would like more information about discipling someone, please contact Andy Malcolm at andy@gracekingsport.org or Debi Porche at debiporche@charter.net or Ashley Masten at Ashley@gracekingsport.org.