Grace Fellowship's Global Outreach Team is made up of people from the congregation who have a passion for seeing the fulfillment of Acts 1:8 -

"And you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

Our goal is to fulfill the mission Jesus gave us to make disciples by helping unreached people trust and follow Jesus.


  • OUR GO 2020 VISION



1. To focus on unreached people groups. Unreached groups lack enough followers of Jesus to evangelize their own people.

2. To emphasize making disciples, rather than simply evangelism. Jesus gave each of us a calling to make disciples and we want to partner with like minded individuals and organizations.

3. To work with indigenous church plants, rather than autonomously. We want to engage, strengthen and support local believers as they see people follow Jesus, gather together as disciples, develop leaders who can equip the flock, then nurture that church go on mission to reach others.

4. To enable our members to directly engage with mission efforts. Whether by going, praying, welcoming, praying or encouraging, we desire to see each person in our congregation directly connected with a missionary or organization that is reaching the unreached.

Please continue reading below about GFC's Go2020 vision where our lead pastor challenged us all to go on mission.


In 2017, Joel Owen, our Lead Pastor, challenged all of our congregation to go on a mission trip by 2020. As a part of this challenge, our Global Outreach Team began developing strategy to accomplish this mission.

There are many ways you can participate in mission life at GFC. You can be a:

  1. Go-er
  2. Pray-er
  3. Giver
  4. Encourager
  5. Welcomer

To GO is a challenge for many and sometimes intimidating. So what does it mean exactly to "GO" on a mission trip. For our church, GO means to...

"go on a mission that is outside your normal or immediate sphere of influence"

Being on mission takes us out of our comfort zone and into the unchartered waters of helping unreached people trust and follow Jesus.

Scroll down to see the Trips We Take opportunities on this website to see where God is possibly calling you to GO on mission.



SOMA Asheville, NC - We sponsor this gospel centered church plant in Asheville whose mission is to restore God's beauty and brightness to the city of Asheville by harvesting the seed of the gospel. Click here for SOMA's website.

Middlefork, KY -  Annually we partner with Middlefork Outreach Ministries to rebuild exisisting homes for people in the Middlefork area.

MFuge - Our students will attend Student Life’s Mission Fuge camp in Black

Mountain, NC. This event will help our students jump into ministries with local

communities and relationally serve people in need.


We currently support missionary families making disciples in:

Ecuador - Serving youth leaders through Nexus International with our youth pastor, Paul Wingfield.

Spain - Serving in a city where there is currently no evangelical presence.

Middle East - Serving in a Muslim area. 

Namibia, Africa - Serving an unreached people group. 

Operation Christmas Child - Not only do we collect hundreds of shoeboxes per year, but we are a distribution center for area churches. Between 15,000 and 20,000 shoeboxes pass through our church each year on their way to kids across the world. Between 15,000 and 20,000 shoeboxes pass through our church each year on their way to kids who will have the opportunity to be discipled across the world. Please see the OCC brochure on our Missions wall.


In 2017, Joel Owen, our Lead Pastor, challenged our congregation to go on a mission trip by 2020. Here’s the trips we have planned for 2020.


When: Opportunities throughout the year

Partner: Tennessee Baptist Disaster Relief

Purpose: To provide clean-up assistance to those affected by Hurricane Michael

Who can go: Handy and helpful men and women, physical labor involved

Point person: Josh Burke,, 423.817.2369


When: July 23–26, 2020

Partner: Middlefork Outreach Ministries

Purpose: To improve the housing conditions of locals in order to build relationships

to share the gospel.

Who can go: This is a great trip for families! Anyone can help.

Point Person: Josh Burke,, 423.817.2369


When: June 28–July 2, 2020

Partner: MFuge

Purpose: To jump into ministry with local communities and relationally serve people

in need.

Who can go: This student trip will need adult chaperones who will be serving as well.

Point person: Paul Wingfield,, 423.946.0974


When: June 16–23, 2020

Partner: Straight Street International (

Purpose: To minister to locals and strengthen churches through food, shelter, after-school care and sharing the gospel

Who can go: Adults, students and families

Point people: Andy Malcolm,, 423.863.3085 // Cole Maupin,, 423.429.3161


When: July 25–August 2, 2020
Partner: Global Health Outreach (
Purpose: To provide for the medical and physical needs of locals in

order to build relationships to share the gospel.

Who can go: Besides medical personal, anyone can help

  • Sharing the Gospel
  • Serving and loving the poor
  • Discipling other team members
  • Letting God use your talents and abilities to minister and encourage other people
  • Work in the pharmacy counting pills and delivering meds
  • Work in the dental area cleaning utensils and assisting with the patients
  • Work in Triage taking temperatures, weights, and blood pressure
  • Teach/leadVBS
  • General logistics support (carrying boxes, getting supplies, etc.)
  • Leading in worship

Point People: Gordon & Varinka Williams,, 854.385.3790