The leadership of Grace Fellowship has decided to focus on a season of spiritual renewal for 2021. We have recognized our need for MORE of God in our lives, our church and our community. As a way of immersing our faith family in this endeavor, we will enter 3 specific seasons of prayer, self-denial and fasting in 2021. Our first season will be the 40 days before Easter (February 17-April 3) with a focus on Our Relationship With God.

We realize an extended season of spiritual focus, fasting, etc. are new thoughts for some and many do not have a background or much experience with these ideas. As you read through the information below, let God’s goodness and grace provided through the Cross cover you as you consider how to be involved. Choose a next step that’s best for you and your family based on where you are spiritually and not on anyone else’s expectations. So with whatever successes, challenges or doubts you face during these seasons of prayer and self-denial, give yourself and others much grace. We all need it.