1 Peter 4:10 “each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others"

Need: Our families and marriages have been through a variety of trials and situations they never expected over the last couple of months. Our married couples need support, encouragement, time alone and ideas to be “better together”. Also, in lieu of being in the midst of the longest summer ever, our parents need help in discipling, encouraging and sometimes just getting through the day to day of “What do I do now with my kids?” 

What we’re going to do:

Help our parents.

        Ashley Masten and her team will be passing on weekly ideas for discipling, teaching, and processing life with their kids along with fun activities to pass the day. Click this link to be directed to the G2 Parents facebook page.

Help our marriages.

         For June, our team will plan 4 homebound date nights on this website. Each Tuesday in June on this page we’ll post links to videos to watch, questions to ask, a thought to read and activities to do at home together. Best of all, we have a surprise for you on week 4! 
For all who sign up, we will be packaging a date night “goodie bag” that you can pick up from church the last week of June. 

Date Night In - Week Four

Date Night In - Week Three

Date Night In - Week Two

Date Night In - Week One